Weekend Meet, Seana Bhraigh, 11 & 12 September 2021

What: Camping meet to Seana Bhraigh
When: Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September 2021
Where: Seana Bhraigh (from the Oykle Bridge)
Cost: £Nil

This will hopefully be Alistair and David’s final munros and all Club Members are warmly invited to come along. The plan is to bike/walk in from Oykel Bridge, or if permitted, the walkers’ car park about 500m short of the Corriemulzie Lodge (Grid Ref NH 328 954) on Saturday morning. Establish basecamp in the vicinity of Loch a Choire Mhoir (Grid Ref NH 305 888). We then hope to set off at about 1pm to “do” Seana Braigh and return to the loch for tea and cake. Bike/walk out on Sunday morning.

Climbing Workshop, 22 & 23 May 2021

What: Climbing Workshop
When: 22 and 23 May 2021. Time TBC
Where: Kingussie (venue TBC)
Cost: £15 per person per day

Climbing Workshop led by Ben Gibson from Mountaineering Scotland. This will be a great opportunity to get into climbing, practice safe techniques, learn new skills and techniques. It will be tailored to participants needs, experience and skill levels. You can be an absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced. As far as possible, people with similar skill levels and aspirations will be kept together together. All equipment can be provided, or you can bring your own (The club also has some equipment that members may borrow).

Places are limited to 4 participants per day. Club members only. Contact Alistair Jeffs for further information and/or to book your place.

Meet Report: River Divie, 20 or 21 March 2021

About 12 of us met up at Randolph’s leap car park to go up the River Divie to Dunphail House, cross the bridge and back down the other side, a morning’s walk and fairly straightforward, one might think!

However, that would be a bit too easy and a much more difficult detour was found, involving climbing over and under trees, crashing through undergrowth, climbing over barbed wire fences and slithering down muddy banks, great fun!

After a lunch break at the bridge, we went for a visit to the historic ruin of Dunphail Castle, where Dave Galloway regaled us with a gruesome tale of beheadings, 5 heads being thrown over the wall with a cry of “Here’s some beef for your bannocks!” Look it up on Google for the full story, but there are meant to be 5 headless ghosts haunting the place.

A civilised walk back to start point, still early, so I suggested going on to Logie Steading. Most folk agreed, but promptly jumped in their cars, when I really meant an extended River walk. However, Dianne and Brent joined me in the walk, but because the coffee shop was shut, most of the others, bar Derrick and George, had gone.

It was great to get our first outing as a group this year.

Words by Babs kizewski. Photos by Dianne McLeish

Meet Report: Nature Awareness Day, Culbin Forrest, 27 March 2021

Awa we went, back oot in a group
Eight wis the number o’ oor wee Club troup
Doon thro’ the Culbin wi’ Dan the nature man
Wi’ the knowledge that he gies us, Ah’m his greatest fan!

Alang the forest trails we went, stoppin’ as ye do
Saw evidence o’ squirrels, and foxes by their poo
Admired a busy anthill, and whit went on inside
These craiturs mak a great job o’ the place they build tae bide

We watched the birds up in the trees and listened tae them tee
Dan kent them mainly by their song, the anes we couldna see
Chiff-chaffs, gold crests, skylarks as weel, soarin’ up sae high
Then the unmistakable cry o’ geese, in formation flying by

Mosses and lichens were part o’ oor study
Bracken fungus clingin’ tae trees
Witches’ broom that looked like nests
Ah’ve learned aboot, sae pleased!

When we made it doon tae the great sand flats
The bird life wis comin’ alive
Red shanks, oyster catchers,herons and gulls
Seekin’ food by which tae survive

We tramped along the deserted beach
O’ the sand bar, the longest in Britain
We crossed the salt marshes and back tae the wood
As an obstacle course, it wis really good!

We got tae oor cars afore 5 o’clock
A fair walk o’ twenty three k
Thank you tae Dan and Alistair
Fur gi’en us sic a great day!

Babs Kizewski

Car Meet, Lochindorb (Dava Moor)

What: MMC Car Meet
When: Sunday 11 April 2021, 09:00*
Where: Hills to the south of Lochindorb (Dava Moor)

The plan is to park at the south end of Lochindorb (Grid Ref NH 962 340) and then head up towards the peaks located to the south of Lochindorb (Cam Sgriob, Creag an Righ, Creag Ealraich). A complete circuit is about 15km, with about 550m of ascent. This is not a “led” walk; you are free to make your own plans.

This event is open to members only, with numbers limited to 15. To sign-up click this link. Contact numbers are collected for test and trace. This event is within Highland, but within 5 miles of the Moray/Highland border. Please respect travel restrictions.

* if numbers exceed 15, then we may introduce a second start time.

Navigation Day, Dava Moor, 24 April 2021

When: 24 April 2021, 09:15 to 15:30
Where: Dava Moor
Cost: £nil

Cub Navigation Training Day on the Dava Moor led by Sandy Muray. A chance to learn or refresh skills before we head back to the mountains.

The Club has arranged some FREE Navigation Training, which will be led by Sandy Murray.  The event will be held on the Dava Moor.  The event will be tailored to all ability levels from absolute beginner to more advanced. This event is open to paid-up members only.

Contact Alistair Jeffs to book your place or obtain further information.  The event will comply with Mountaineering Scotland’s COVID-19 guidance.

Photography Day, 18 April 2021

When: Sunday 18 April 2021
Where: Elgin and the Moray Coast
Cost: £15 per person

Spend a day with local photography professional Gary Murison. The event will be based in Elgin and the Moray coast and will only be a small group (members only, maximum 8). You need to provide your own transport and you can either bring a digital camera and/or camera phone. You will learn to take better photographs whatever your ability. There will be a focus on landscapes and closer up nature shots.

Contact Alistair Jeffs for further information and/or book your place (members only). The event will comply with Mountaineering Scotland’s COVID-19 guidance.

Car Meet, River Divie, 20 or 21 March 2021

What: MMC Car Meet (Self-guided walk)
When: Saturday 20 March 2021 OR Sunday 21 March (Time TBC)
Where: B9007 at Randolph’s Leap (Google Maps)
Cost: £Nil

It looks like by the 20 March government’s COVID guidelines/regulations will permit up to 15 people on an organised outdoor event. However, it is likely that travel restrictions will mean that this is only open to members residing in Moray. This event will also comply with Mountaineering Scotland’s COVID-19 guidance.

The plan is to walk from the B9007 bridge over the River Divie, upstream to another bridge near Dunphail House and then return via the opposite bank. Although the paths are marked on the Ordnance Survey map, there is likely to be a fair bit of bush whacking – you have been warned!

Details to be fine tuned, but to sign up, please go to https://forms.gle/QB4QppucBC7yHRGL6

Nature Awareness Day, Culbin Forrest, 27 March 2021

What: Nature Awareness Day led by Dan Puplett
When: Saturday 27 March 2021. 09:15 to 16:30
Where: Culbin Forrest, Cloddymoss car park (Google Maps)
Cost: £15 per person

Enjoy a day out in Culbin Forres. The day will be led by professional nature educator and conservationist Dan Puplett.

Spaces limited. Members only. To book your place email Alistair Jeffs. This event will comply with Mountaineering Scotland’s COVID-19 guidance


The club is moving to a new online membership database system (MemberMojo). This will make it easier for committee members to contact you about events and also improve compliance with data protection regulations (See the Club’s privacy policy). It also allows members to update their own contact details.

The Membership Secretary will email further information before the end of the March. Please check your junk mail for anything from the MMC / membermojo – it’s not be junk!